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THE KOI FOOD TOSAI is a high quality growth feed for koi carp. Small koi in particular can absorb the 3 mm pellets very well and thereby convert all the important minerals and nutrients they need for their development. This makes THE KOI FOOD TOSAI a very good choice for every ambitious Koi holder who wants healthy and balanced growth for his Koi.

THE KOI FOOD TOSAI contains probiotic bacterial cultures that have a positive effect on the intestinal flora of the koi. Since carp do not have a stomach, it is all the more important that the feed is optimally utilized on its way through the Koi and that the nutrients arrive promptly where they are needed. Furthermore, the feed contains all the important trace elements and vitamins that are important for the needs of a koi carp. Thus, THE KOI FOOD TOSAI is an important component for a healthy and long koi life.

Our recommendation:

Tosai <16 months = THE KOI FOOD TOSAI

Nisai> 16 months = THE KOI FOOD RED/ GREEN / SINK

For good water quality

All types of DAS KOIFUTTER have been specially developed for circulation systems. This makes it ideal not only for the koi pond, but also for indoor keeping. It is buoyant, water-stable and thus contributes significantly to maintaining the water quality.

High energy density

THE KOI FOOD TOSAI is a food with an increased energy content. This means that it can also be referred to as growing or growing food. We call it koi food, which promotes the growth potential of the fish and is therefore also ideal for ambitious koi keepers.

The ingredients

Koi carp are omnivorous. Based on the food sources available to you in nature, DAS KOIFUTTER has a consciously varied list of ingredients. All ingredients are subject to the highest purity and hygiene standards, which guarantee impeccable feed quality. Fish and poultry meal in particular are rich in calcium and phosphorus and, thanks to their optimal amino acid profile, are extremely digestible and also create a high level of eating acceptance among the Koi. Wheat and soy proteins not only provide the energy required for the fish, but are also an important component for the quality of the feed pellets. These should be water-stable and generate little abrasion. Since THE KOI FOOD should not only be attractive for the fish, but also for the Koi holder, a price-conscious but quality-oriented mixture of ingredients was used.

Feeding and storage

The optimal feeding amount is from a water temperature of 15 degrees, 2-8 servings per day, depending on the size of the fish. The feed must be stored in a cool, dry and dark place.

Analytical components:

Crude protein 48%, crude fat 13%, crude fiber 1.4%, crude ash 9.7%, phosphorus 1.39%, calcium 2.2%, sodium 0.4%

Vitamins, trace elements and additives:

Vitamin A 10,000 IU, vitamin C (stable) 250 mg, vitamin E 200 mg, vitamin D3 2068 IU, E1 iron 60 mg, iodine 5 mg, copper 5 mg, manganese 20 mg, zinc 60 mg, propyl gallate 53 mg, butyl hydroxyanisole 53 mg


Fish meal, poultry meal, wheat, soy protein concentrate, rapeseed oil, wheat gluten, fish oil, yeast products derivative, trace elements, vitamins, antioxidants

Complete feed for koi carp, floating, pellet size 3 mm, packed in 5 kg bags