Shipping processing

Shipping method

We have climate-friendly deliveries throughout Germany as an insured package with DPD. We mainly use "used" cardboard boxes. That also protects the environment!

If you order in the morning, delivery within Germany will almost always take place on the next working day!

DAS KOIFUTTER im recycelten Paket. Der Koifutter Versand erfolgt mit DPD.

Basic process
The goods will be shipped as soon as they have been paid for. As soon as a package number has been created, it will be sent to you by email. You can keep an eye on your parcel at any time using the shipment tracking.

Diese findest du hier:

If the parcel carrier does not meet you on the day of delivery, the parcel will often be dropped off at a parcel shop near you, where you can pick it up. You can also give DPD a parking permit.

ATTENTION: If the parcel carrier cannot find your name on the bell, the parcel will be sent back to the parcel center. I will then be informed about it. A new delivery then costs 4.50 EUR extra! Therefore I ask you to pay attention!

Damaged packages / damaged goods

If your package shows any external damage, for example a hole in the box, you can refuse to accept it. DPD then takes the parcel back to the depot and informs me of the complaint. I cannot pay for damaged goods due to damaged packages. So please make a complaint to DPD!

If you have accepted an intact package and discover that the contents are damaged, please contact me directly. DPD cannot and must not check the contents of the parcels sent. Post confidentiality also applies to DPD when sending parcels.

IMPORTANT: Please take pictures of the damaged boxes and the damaged goods immediately!

DAS KOIFUTTER wird sicher verpackt und schnell geliefert. Koifutter aus dem Online Shop.

Shippingcosts within Germany



bis 5kg 4,95 €
6-10kg 6,20 €
11-30kg 9,90 €
31-40kg 14,84 €
41-70kg 19,80 €
71-89kg 29,70 €
over 90 kg

Free shipping!


Shipping costs to the European Union



bis 5kg 10,95 €
6-10kg 12,95 €
11-20kg 15,95 €
21-30kg 18,95 €
31-35kg 28,95 €
36-50kg 33,95 €
51-60kg 36,95 €
over 60 kg

on demand!

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