Sinking koi food, THE KOI FOOD SINK

When do you actually use sinking koi food, i.e. koi food which sinks in the pond?

Sinking koi food is basically the best you can give your koi carp. The Koi is anatomically structured in such a way that its mouth is pointing downwards. This allows it to take in food very well on the bottom. DAS KOIFUTTER SINK accommodates this aspect.

Why not only give your Koi sink food? A koi pond is an artificial body of water in which we keep the koi as ornamental fish. It is precisely the high level of trust that makes Koi so popular. In order to keep the Koi tame and also to be able to observe them well, swim food is much better suited. So the Koi have to come to the surface. Of course, sink feed for koi is also a good alternative for the winter when the fish are supposed to eat at the bottom. With us, the Koi holder can choose a mix of DAS KOIFUTTER in a floating or sinking version.

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