Koi food for goldfish, koi food for sturgeon?

Pond owners often keep koi, goldfish and sturgeon together. Can goldfish and sturgeon tolerate KOI FOOD? The answer is clear: YES!

Goldfish in the koi pond are not uncommon. Sturgeons are also very popular. Can goldfish eat koi food? Are sturgeons allowed to eat koi food? The answer is: YES! All types of DAS KOIFUTTER are compatible with the named fish species. I myself have been keeping goldfish with Koi for years. both parties enjoy excellent health and are given the same food. And that is koi food.

Goldfish can also reach sizes of over 30 cm. With the right food and a few years' time, goldfish can grow to considerable sizes. Special goldfish food should not be used if they are kept together with Japanese Koi carp. DAS KOIFUTTER GRÜN covers all the needs and requirements of goldfish. The animals can easily ingest the 4.5 mm pellets. Larger goldfish can also eat the 6 mm pellets from DAS KOIFUTTER BLAU without any problems. Try it out: goldfish love THE KOI FOOD!

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