Koi food for the cold season

In the cold season of the year, Koi need different feed with different ingredients. Is that correct? Is there winter food for Koi?

We at DAS KOIFUTTER are convinced that Koi must always be fed depending on the temperature. Japanese Koi carp adapt their organism to the ambient temperature. This means that in cold water temperatures they need less food because the body can no longer metabolize it as quickly. The Koi keeper should therefore feed significantly less. However, there is no need for a separate winter feed. That is why we at DAS KOIFUTTER only sell year-round food for Koi and growth food for Koi.

THE KOI FOOD BLUE and SINK offer the Koi an optimal basis for year-round nutrition. This means that both types are also fully suitable as koi food for the cold season. From a water temperature of 10 degrees, feeding should only take place when the fish demand it. And then only in very small, controlled quantities.

The growth food for Koi - THE KOI FOOD GREEN, is only suitable to a very limited extent as Koi food for the cold season. Due to its very high energy content, it should only be used from a water temperature of 15 degrees.

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