Koi food for internal keeping

What should you watch out for when keeping Koi indoors?

Basically, systems in which Koi are kept are circulatory systems. This applies to koi ponds but also to indoor koi enclosures. The water is moved out of the pond, through the filter and back into the pond. THE KOI FOOD was specially made for this. This can make all the difference in indoor enclosures where there are often much more Koi in much less water than in the pond. Koi food shouldn't pollute the water and shouldn't cause clouding. Because this can only be reduced by large water changes. THE KOIFUTTER does not cloud the water and is therefore ideally suited for indoor farming.

Koi in-house keeping in particular is becoming more and more popular. Koi keepers can keep busy with their animals here, even in the cold season. Many also use this time to make tosai, i.e. small koi, large. The fish are kept warm at 20-24 degrees and can grow well. THE GREEN KOIFUTTER is the perfect feed for this. Thanks to its grain size of 4.5 mm, even the little ones can take in the food well. Furthermore, DAS KOIFUTTER GRÜN offers proteins that can be used very well, which help the Koi to grow in length and body volume. Because the feed does not cloud the water even in large quantities, it is a perfect companion for keeping Japanese Koi carp in the Indo.

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