What size should I buy koi food?

You will be surprised how much influence the pellet size has on a koi food. You can find out what size the koi food should be in the following article.

DAS KOIFUTTER is currently available in the varieties GREEN/RED for good growth, BLUE/YELLOW as year-round feed and SINK. The pellet size of our koi food is 4.5 mm and 6 mm. We see this as a great advantage for every Koi holder. Even small koi, i.e. tosai, can take up pellets with a size of 4.5 mm. Therefore, it is also ideal as rearing food for Koi from around 15 cm. A change to a larger pellet is possible at a later point in time, but not absolutely necessary. Older koi can also benefit from the 4.5 mm pellets. Digestion is supported by the total larger surface of the pellets compared to larger ones. This is a real advantage for all Koi keepers who want their Koi to grow very well.

What size should I buy koi food? The customer is king here. He is exactly right with all types of DAS KOIFUTTER. Mixed stocks with small, large or shy Koi carp have different requirements. It is therefore also possible to combine all types of DAS KOIFUTTER with one another without any problems. This means that all koi in the koi pond benefit. After all, the KOI is also king in the koi pond.

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