cheap koi feed

Can cheap koi food be good? It is no secret why DAS KOIFUTTER is so cheap and still meets all requirements.

DAS KOIFUTTER has set itself the goal of offering koi food in the online shop, which has an absolutely good price-performance ratio. With this in mind, we have aligned all processes to avoid generating costs that make the product unnecessarily expensive. Cheap koi food is therefore not rocket science.

DAS KOIFUTTER has already proven that cheap koi food can still be good. Good growth, very good water quality, high eating acceptance and low excretions. All varieties from the Koi food shop can convince here.

But good logistics are also part of it. Practical 5 kg packaging made of food-safe HD-PE, environmentally friendly cardboard boxes and fast and reliable shipping by GLS also help to keep the end customer price low. The Koi in the heart and the customer in focus. This is how we, the DAS KOIFUTTER team, act

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